Keeping your warehouse clean tidy and organised is beneficial for all aspects of the business including the staff. You can tell how well a business is run by how well organised it is.  Here at 2hssl we are completely aware of the importance of an organised warehouse.  For some people it is common sense, but for those that need convincing we have put a list together of 10 benefits businesses can get from having a clean, tidy and organised warehouse.

Benefits of a clean tidy and organised warehouse

1. Improve storage space

When a warehouse is organised and clutter free, the space freed up can be used for more shelving or storage.

2. Efficiency will improve

With every aspect of the warehouse organised efficiently, this will help staff do their job to the best of their ability.  Searching for items should be a thing of the past with today’s modern storage solutions and warehouse management systems.

3. Accuracy will improve

When stock is properly stored and organised, customer orders are more likely to be fulfilled correctly so accuracy will improve. Items labelled and stored correctly makes items easy to locate.

4. Keep your warehouse clean

A regular clean will also help improve efficiency. By keeping the warehouse clean, any misplaced items or orders can be found.  Staff can move around safety and more quickly so to get things done easier.

5. Organize for safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to warehouses. A safe warehouse is an efficient warehouse

6. Adopt lean inventory practices

Only keep what you actually need and nothing more. By maintaining a lean inventory, your staff will have fewer products to sift through when organizing freight and completing order fulfilment services.

7. Train staff regularly

Mandatory training sessions should be held regularly.  It’s important to regularly train staff so they remember and understand the importance of cleaning and keeping the warehouse organized. Mandatory training is compulsory training that is determined essential by an organisation for the safe and efficient delivery of services.

8. Use proper signage and location labels

By using proper warehouse location labels which are easy to read will help keep both the operators and products organized. Also implementing aisle and dock signage can improve the flow of traffic within a warehouse environment greatly. Ensure that any labelling sequence is intuitive and expandable.

9. Re-evaluate your design

If your sales are increasing every year than you will have to re-evaluate your warehouse design.  Remember there are always ways to maximize available space.  Consider the use of vertical space or adding taller storage units.

10. Embrace new technology

Don’t be afraid to embrace new technology, determine which repetitive tasks could benefit from automation. There are automation systems for all aspect of warehousing these days.

Here at 2hssl we have years of experience in warehouse storage and automation. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you organise your warehouse more efficiently please do not hesitate to contact us.

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