Do you need a pallet shuttle system to maximise your storage density and warehouse efficiency? Warehouse shuttle systems have long been popular in Europe and the UK is starting to catch up as the benefits can show a pay back in under 24months.

This system is essentially a drive in or drive through pallet racking system with shuttle carts responsible for positioning the pallets in the system rather than a fork lift truck depositing the pallets on the rails of a drive in or drive through pallet racking installation.

The system therefor negates the need for forklift trucks to enter the pallet racking installation. This means that there is no impact damage from the forklift trucks saying on forklift trucks and drivers with no need for the block to have any lighting again giving further savings.

The pallets are simply loaded and unloaded from the front of the shuttle block making it ideal for warehouses with a low number of SKU’s or pallet types.

  • It helps maximise a warehouses storage capacity.
  • Provides fast and efficient loading and unloading of palletised product.
  • It means that specialist fork lift trucks and not required.
  • It also reduces the risk and stress levels of warehouse staff.

The shuttles or carts are battery powdered in a similar way top electric fork lift trucks and are operated by the warehouse staff remotely so they never need to enter the racking. This allows the type of truck that’s loads and unloads the shuttle system to be selected from a less specialised range of forklift trucks again a further saving.

Shuttle systems works on either a FIFO (first-in-last-out) or LIFO (last-in-first-out) basis. The system automates the placement of pallets in the storage lane reducing loading and unloading cycle times. The shuttles contain diagnosis software for troubleshooting issues and run on rechargeable batteries. The operator controls all the processes for storing and extracting pallets simply by using a remote control or Wi-Fi enabled tablet.FIFO (first-in-last-out) or LIFO (last-in-first-out)

The system is being adopted by a wide range of companies from varying industries but is popular with cold storage environments and the food industry. It is mainly selected as an alternative to drive in pallet racking systems.

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