A1 Rack AWhen designing a warehouse or manufacturing space there is always a requirement for storage equipment usually some form of pallet racking.

Of course once the facility is up and running it is more challenging to make changes, so getting the design correct from the start is important. With that said in some situations it can be beneficial to stage a project if you are unsure how some work flows or processes will develop.

The first thing to consider is what you are going to store it could be six thousand identical pallets or fifty different items but the basic design principles are the same. Just like the old saying a place for everything and everything in its place!

The next thing to consider is access how often will we need to access which items, for some businesses they may need instance access to thousands of items others will be able to archive most of their stored inventory. The most efficient space storage is to block stack everything into a neat pile with no gaps but of course if you need the item at the back at the bottom it means moving everything.

So we work backwards from this for palletised goods the next highest density storage system is drive in pallet racking. This is not suitable if you need access to every pallet so then a narrow aisle APR system offers the next best density.

There are a number of issues to consider building size, fire doors, fork lift truck specification etc. The best way forward is often to get a basic design and then ask a professional storage equipment and warehouse design team to look at your basic design and come up with other ideas.

This allows you to start to understand the design process as the information you will provide on the needs of your business makes you the most important member of the design team for your warehouse layouts and pallet racking design.