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2H Storage Solutions have a team of warehouse consultants who have designed and installed a number of warehouse systems in a numerous industries. We work with you to develop an optimal warehouse layout for optimal material flow. Experts in intralogistics we are the ideal partner for your project.

Warehouse and fulfilment services are becoming more complex with today’s competitive markets. It is vital for any business to compete to have access to all the latest ideas, concepts, systems, technology and processes. This is where 2H Storage Solutions can help. We are not bound to any suppliers or brands, but we are aware of the strengths of brands and suppliers and depending on the project requirements we appoint accordingly.

Our warehouse design consultants can help to improve margins and increase sales with our expertise and solutions. Our in-house CAD facilities we can design warehouse layouts, racking configuration, complete warehouse automation.

How 2H Storage Solutions can help you:


Warehouse Audits

A warehouse audit is required to understand the effectiveness of your logistics infrastructure. By understanding your assets and processes we can identify issues which areas need improvements. We will ask where you are losing money or sales and what needs to be further evaluated. We need to ensure that your infrastructure is suitable for future changes in products and any seasonal variances that can occur.

Productivity Analysis

Does your overall productivity meet expectations? We will ascertain whether your operation is efficient, where it can be improved.To streamline operations we will look at optimising labour productivity, consider automation if not already in place, maximize vertical space, analyse picking methodology and take advance of the the latest technology.

Warehouse Design and Layout

Our warehouse consultants are experts in optimal warehouse design. 2h Storage solutions can help if you require a re-configuration or a complete new warehouse layout and design and fit-out. We can produce a detailed CAD schematic drawings to show the optimal layout configuration of your warehouse or distribution centre. We take into account current and future space requirements for any expansion requirements.

Inventory Management

We can implement effective inventory policies using the latest inventory management software products. Whether you’re looking for a complete new installation or extending your current infrastructure Our warehouse consultants are here to help. Your intralogistics system is in good hands with us. We will analyse the situation thoroughly to ascertain your goals and expectations. Contact us today to arrange one of our consultants to come out and discuss your requirements.


Case Studies

Refurbed West Yorkshire Warehouse

Refurbed West Yorkshire warehouse fitted with Dexion Pallet Racking system to store 14000 pallets. The installation needed to factor in the use of 2 different types of fork lift truck used for replenishment of palletised loads and the picking by …

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Carton Flow Gravity Conveyors Installation

Bespoke Design & Installation of Picking and Dispatch System

Pallet Racking, Carton Flow, Gravity and Powered Conveyors for BeerHawk

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Mezzanine Floor over Existing Office Building

Design manufacture and installation of a mezzanine floor for National Flexibles’ Bradford.

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Pallet Racking Standard APR Installation Hitachi

Bespoke Design of Racking System for Hitachi

Design and installation of standard pallet racking (APR) for Hitachi Rail Europe Limited.

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Pallet Racking on top of a Mezzanine Floor: for Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie Manufacture

Pallet Racking on top of a Mezzanine Floor

Pallet Racking on top of a Mezzanine Floor: for Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie Manufacture. Design and installation.

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Mobile Shelving System for FUJIFILM

Mobile Shelving System for FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies new Laboratory Facility. Design and installation.

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