Order picking is one of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive jobs in any warehouse. The challenge comes when there is an increasing amount of smaller orders that need to be processed fast.  An well thought out order picking system can drastically improve warehouse operations, but only if you get it right.

An efficient automated warehouse picking system for pallets, totes, cartons and boxes enables savings in costs and storage space in the warehouse. You will be able to make faster deliveries with fewer errors and happier customers. The wrong picking system can turn your whole operation into chaos.

With warehouse order picking systems there are four main picking methods commonly used in warehouses today.  Single order picking, batch picking, zone picking and wave picking. Automated warehouse picking systems are vast but include mobile scanning-based picking, voice based picking and pick to light system.

Here at 2hssl we can advise you on finding the most efficient order picking system which increases the accuracy and productivity of order picking.  Choosing the right order picking system for your warehouse is totally dependent on your individual business needs. 2hssl will work closely with you to ensure we design and install the best picking system for your warehouse.

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