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Pallet racking carousel storage and lift machines

Pallet racking carousel storage machines and lift storage machines in Yorkshire

Are you looking for pallet racking carousel storage and lift machines to maximise storage capacity and pick rates

If you have a large number of components for manufacture or dispatch you will benefit from a mechanical storage system. The two main types of motorised storage systems are carousels and lifts which both present pre-loaded trays to a bench height picking face from which individual items or kits of items for assembly or dispatch can be picked. These motorised picking systems are usually used in conjunction with pallet racking or shelving systems as part of an integrated stock movement process in the modern warehouse facility.

Items stock and pallets come into the warehouse and are usually loaded into pallet racking or shelving systems then stock control systems will provide pick lists for the restocking of the carousel or lift storage systems. Then the stock control can provide picking lists for assembly or dispatch batched or kits ready for packing and dispatch.

If you need any advice on pallet racking, shelving, carousel or lift storage systems call our design team in Yorkshire on 01765 640 160.

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warehouse pallet racking used pallet racking beams ready for installation

Carpet rolls and deep storage warehouse racking designs

Carpet rolls and deep storage warehouse racking designs from 2h Storage Solutions.

Deep storage racks for storing items like carpets, furniture, rolls of product and sheets are simple to design. With that said there are large cost savings in materials and labour between designs using different manufactures warehouse racking materials and designs.

For instance some manufactures warehouse racking designs will require double or triple deep frames to store certain lengths and weights of product. A different manufacture will use only a single upright between frames, this can dramatically reduce the cost of both labour and materials.

So the key to getting the best value solution is to get the best design using the most suitable product. It is not simply a matter of getting three quotes because all three warehouse pallet racking suppliers may not choose the most cost effective design.

The key is good value engineering through design techniques and product knowledge, here at 2h Storage we have over 30yrs of experience in expert design for many well know companies. So before you commit to a quotation speak to the experts it could save you time and money.

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Bulk bag storage on warehouse racks

Bulk bag storage on warehouse racks from 2h Storage Solutions.


Storing bulk bags takes up a considerable amount of warehouse space when block stored at ground level. So the obvious solution is vertical cube utilisation or in layman’s terms stacking on top of one another. With bulk bags stacking can be dangerous and unpractical so pallet or warehouse racks offer the most sensible option for storing bulk bags.


When storing bulk bags the loads can sometime be unstable with pallet overhang being an issue so it is important that the pallet racking is carefully designed.


If the bays are designed with a minimum of pallet and load clearances to maximise density it can actually have the opposite effect. As badly loaded bulk bags and pallets are too tight to be safely loaded into tight bays. This then creates random block stacking in aisles which slows down the warehouse operation and makes the safety worse than when the bulk bags were simply block stacked.


Why not call 2h Storage today and ask for a FREE site SURVEY by an experienced pallet RACKING designer on 01765 640 160.

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Maximising industrial storage space

When it comes to maximising industrial storage space, the industrial sector by its nature usually requires a wide range of storage solutions. Individual business requirements may vary.  From a large volume high density pallet racking system through to innovative computer controlled small part storage systems. The advances in mechanised and computer controlled picking and production carousel storage systems have been outstanding in recent years. The many varied and more tailored storage systems require careful specification and design to maximise efficiency and return on investment.

So it is important to seek advice from an experienced storage equipment distributor or storage equipment provider.  This will ensure that you get the best storage solution for your business needs. The decrease in stock loss and labour times for picking of component parts or batch orders, can make systems very affordable and help to reduce short orders arriving with customers saving further time and money.

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