It can often be the case that some areas of a warehouse need to be secured using wire mesh panels or nylon netting to protect cross contamination of stock or protect valuable or sensitive products.

There are several ways in which this can be achieved with one of the most popular being the use of free standing mesh cages with mesh panels and mesh doors. This option is very effective but can be costly and more challenging to retro fit in some locations.

The use of mesh cages with nylon netting above offers a more cost effective, faster and easier solution to securing an area of the warehouse or warehouse pallet racking.

It also offers the additional benefit of protecting those people around the mesh cages and netting from the possibility of any falling product or a pallet collapse.

The most commonly used mesh is usually around 50mm x 50mm mesh with netting of a similar size. These Mesh cages and panels can be finished in a wide range of colours to help identify particular areas and their content.

If you are storing a product for a customer or third party it gives them confidence that their product is safe and separated from other products that could potentially contaminate or damage their valuable stock.

Here at 2h Storage Solutions our customers benefit from our years of experience in carrying out thousands of successful warehouse projects. We offer a full range of warehouse fit out services for mesh cages and netting through to mezzanine floors and pallet racking projects. We offer a full design and build service for static storage equipment and semi-automated conveyors, picking systems, pallet live and pallet shuttle projects.