How to speed up your warehouse pallet racking?

There are several ways that you can speed up the turnaround and efficiency of your warehouse.  There are better warehouse layouts, forklift trucks and stock control systems, which can help. One that is often overlooked and is very cost effective is replacement and reconfiguration of your pallet racking storage system. Pallet racking is often overlooked as just a stationary item to put your pallets on. However recent advantages in both material and product design have lead to a number of advances within the pallet racking and storage industry. Pallet racking storage products as with any mature market are becoming more cost effective with faster returns on investment from your capital expenditure budget.

Advances in drive in racking, push back racking and the new pallet racking shuttle systems are providing some excellent cost effective solutions to increase warehouse efficiency and safety. In fact the introduction of the new shuttle system will dramatically increase the volume of pallets that can be dispatched from a warehouse or production facility. With the shuttle system the pallets are presented back in exactly the same position ready to be picked quickly, safely and efficiently from the end of the rack. The return on investment from the shuttle pallet racking systems is of course dependant on the volume of pallet positions in the pallet racking and the number of pallets that move through the warehouse.
The payback for high volumes of product pallets leaving a warehouse or production facility can be surprisingly good.