Mesh Anti CollapseRack Safety: The use of Load Notices, Pallet Support Bars and Anti Collapse Screens form an integral part of the overall safety of your racking systems.


2h can supply a range of products to make your work place a safer environment in which to operate:


  • Load Notices – An effective means of identifying important information about a particular rack structure. This information is critical for safety in the warehouse and particularly when loading racks with heavy pallets or loads that vary.
  • Pallet Support Bars – located in pairs over the beams they provide a secondary support to weak pallets. Pallet Support Bars can also be used to support chipboard when the chipboard is located on top of the beams.
  • Anti Collapse Mesh / Screens – a simple yet cost effective method of avoiding accidents in the storage and handling of pallets in and on racking systems. The mesh or screen is attached to the rear of the racking.


Do you need a Health and Safety Policy or Plan?


Pallet racking safety is one of the most important aspects of warehouse safety dangerous pallet racking risks collapse which can have a devastating results for your team as well as your products, lost production and building damage. You may not be insured if you do not have the correct rack safety equipment, procedures and reports. One of the simplest and most overlooked items is the rack end safe working load notice. This tells those who use the racking as well as supervisors and managers just what can safely be stored in the racking it is not uncommon to find overloaded pallet racking again risking collapse.