The follow Used Racking items are available from 2h Storage Solutions. If you are looking for a specific package to store 1000+ pallets please call us to discuss your options.
Recycled Pallet Racking


Used RackingApex
Beams 2700mm c/e x 100 2000kgs UDL per pair 36 no £19.00 per pair
Frames 2400mm S duty 1100mm deep 23 no £20.00 each
Frames 1800mm S duty 1100mm deep 5 no £15.00 each


Dexion MKIII
Beams 3040mm c/e x60 470kgs UDL per pair 48 no £15.00 per pair


Dexion P90
Beams 2700mm c/e 101x 2.25 2000kgs UDL per pair 14 no £22.00 per pair
Beams 1350mm c/e 87×1.7 2500kgs UDL per pair 8 no £10.00 per pair
Upright 6000mm M duty galv out of stockUsed Racking
Upright 5500mm M duty galv 30 no £27.00 each
Upright 5000mm M duty galv 30 no £25.00 each
Upright 4000mm M duty galv 60 no £20.00 each


Link 51
Beams 2625 c/e x 85 box 1680kgs UDL per pair 4 no £19.00 per pair


If the above items don’t quite match your requirements we are able to alter frame heights and widths at extra cost. If you have a particular package in mind (1000+ pallet positions) please feel free to call us we would be happy to complete a site survey to make sure you get the best solution.Take Down Old Unit


Our Installation Teams operate to SEIRS standards and have a wealth of experience of both large and small installations. We are more than happy to provide a quote to install your Recycled Racking.


All prices exclude delivery and VAT


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