Under the UK health and safety law it is a legal requirement that all mechanically loaded storage equipment must have a safety load notice clearly displayed.

pallet racking installationThis means that any type of pallet racking loaded with a forklift truck must display a safety load notice regardless of its location or setting. The different racking manufactures have different loadings or safe working loads that their racking equipment will withstand sometimes called duties. With simple changes like height of the first beam level or type of base plate and fixing being used radically affecting some load capabilities it is critical that the correct calculations and loadings are displayed.

If you are unsure if your load notices are correct give us a call we offer free of charge advice service to keep your warehouse pallet racking as safe as possible. We can advise on all types and manufactures of warehouse pallet racking. We also offer a wide range of pallet racking safety products and accessories from rack end barriers through to warehouse safety netting.

This is why it is important to have an annual pallet racking safety inspection carried out as the pallet racking inspector will check not only if the safety load notices are in place but also that they are suitable.
If you have any questions on load notices or need advice on racking safety inspections call our team here at 2h Storage on 01937 585057