Rack End ProtectionFitting Rack End Protection helps safeguards the frames at the exposed ends of your pallet racking system. Rack End Protectors can be retro fitted to improve safety in your warehouse or factored in as part of the design process of your new pallet racking system. All pallet racking systems are vulnerable to accidental fork lift truck damage, how will you improve standards in your warehouse?


Rack end barriers are a worth while and cost saving addition to pallet racking they are indeed one of the most popular and most used of pallet racking safety accessories. Starting from less that a hundred pounds they can save the cost and inconvenience of repairing end of rack frames. They come in a choice of colors and designs from an armco barrier style to a double of single level tubular style end barrier. We have a wide range including 900mm rack end barriers, 1100mm rack end barriers, 2000mm, 2400mm as well as other sizes to fit bespoke racking designs.


2h can supply the following Pallet Racking Frame Protection items:


  • Lightweight / Heavyweight Frame Protectors
  • Tubular Barriers
  • Double Rail Barriers


All end protectors and barriers are available in high visibility colours. Various sizes can be provided to protect single entry end frames or double entry end frames of various depths. To find out more about rack end protection complete the form below or call us 01937 585057.