Strong Industrial Shelving products save space, save time and cut costs, simply because our interdependent product range do the job better than others. From a simple run of tough steel shelving to a complex mezzanine storage area, or something in between, you’ll find it in the 2h Storage range.


  • 2h Shelving is a smart new, come in fully galvanised options, versatile and expandable slot-together metal shelving system with flexibility and adjustability designed-in.
  • Longspan Shelving lives up to its name, with uninterrupted shelf widths of as much as 2925mm: perfect for long or bulky items, and heights up to 5m. Longspan is the fastest way to build rigid, tough high-capacity metal shelves, where ordinary shelving won’t do. Find out more about Longspan
  • Plastic Bins complement Industrial Shelving, wherever small parts need to be kept in an orderly, efficient and accessible way. With Maxi Bins, you can store literally thousands of items in a single bay of shelving, knowing you’re not wasting a inch of space!
  • 2h Shelving we search the market for the best metal slot-together shelving systems and many more. It’s a remarkably capable system, with no limits to the scale you can build on, or the amount you can store. If you’re one of the many thousands of shelving users, you’ll find spares, repairs and accessories for your shelving, right here. Find out more about Impex
  • Sysco Shelving is ideal for the office with a range of accessories that make it one of the most versatile shelving systems available. Find out more about Sysco


To discuss your Strong Industrial Shelving requirements with the shelving experts call 2h Storage Solutions today.




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