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Coronavirus DiseaseWarehouse Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection Services

The current Coronavirus outbreak is effecting everybody in the UK.  With people self isolating, business and warehouses are starting the big clean up.  Here at 2h Storage Solution we can offer specialist cleaning and decontamination services to disinfect sites and help prevent the risk of infection and the spread of the disease.

Recent Projects


Warehouse Installation for Tor Coatings/Rustoleum

Design and out out the inside of a warehouse which was an institutional build warehouse.

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Refurbed West Yorkshire Warehouse

Refurbed West Yorkshire warehouse fitted with Dexion Pallet Racking system to store 14000 pallets. The installation needed to factor in …

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Carton Flow Gravity Conveyor

Bespoke Design & Installation of Picking and Dispatch System

Pallet Racking, Carton Flow, Gravity and Powered Conveyors for BeerHawk

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Warehouse Design Consultants

2h Storage Solutions have a team of warehouse design consultants who have designed and installed hundreds of warehouse systems in a various industries.  Because of our years of experience, we bring a wealth of practical operational experience to every project.  We offer a full new racking design supply and installation service, working closely with you to provide the best solution to your warehouse storage needs in a time frame that suits you.

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