Cracking racking results for 2014

To add to the excellent results for the first six months 2014 (announced in June this year) 2h Storage Solutions Ltd has achieved record breaking results for the second six months of 2014 making the eleventh anniversary of the company even more of a landmark year.

The results have been achieved through a mixture of new and existing clients to add to the already enviable client portfolio. This can be attributed to the company’s excellent reputation within the industry for the no-nonsense and practical approach to projects from an experienced and highly expert team who have worked together for a number of years.

The projects include design, specification, install and integration of Warehouse Storage Systems ranging from semi automated conveyor systems to heavy duty pallet racking systems, mobile shelving and multilevel mezzanine floors across a range of industry sectors.

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pallet conveyor installation

Conveyors Systems Yorkshire

Conveyors belts, inclined, declined, gravity and roller drive conveyors Yorkshire.

Are you looking to improve production and dispatch times with conveyors belts, inclined, declined, gravity and roller driven conveyor systems? Here at 2h Storage we provide a wide range of conveyor systems each one to a bespoke design to fit your unique products and requirements. We offer a full design, supply and installation service for belt conveyors, inclined, declined, driven, non-driven and gravity conveyor systems.

Do you need advice on the best type of conveyor systems or have an existing system that needs replacement or alterations.
We provide multi-lane and multi-level conveyor systems and specialise in combining conveyors with semi automated picking and dispatch systems.

Celebrating a large order but have concerns you can deliver the products to dispatch why not give us a call for a free consultation and site survey. We can look at your product and dispatch requirements and give you advice on all aspects of the storage and movements of goods and pallets throughout the warehouse or production facility.

Our integrated picking and dispatch systems shown in the picture allow various products to be easily picked by hand and dispatched onto a conveyor system as individual products or in cardboard or plastic boxes.

This can double the dispatch and pick rate and give a return on investment in less than two years. It also allows for products to be quickly and easily replenished and reduces pick inaccuracy dramatically. With the option to segregate particular orders or batches to a separate conveyor it stops any chance of cross contamination of different products, goods or geographic destinations.

Our expertise allows us to manage your conveyor project from the initial design stage right through to installation and spares and maintenance back up.

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