Mezzanine floors for retail shops

Do you need a mezzanine floor for a shop or retail outlet? We specialise in mezzanine floors for retail shops using the associated fire protection and building regulations.


So if you are looking for the most cost effective solution to expand your retail area we could save you the costs of moving or leasing a larger retail premises. Mezzanine floors are an independent free standing structure that can be removed and transported to a new location in the future.


They are often the most cost effective way to increase retail floor space and also offer a relatively quick and easy way to increase the floor space of your building.


They can be specified with chrome and glass hand rails and balconies making them a valuable addition to businesses in retail and leisure environments.


We offer a FREE DESIGN and BUILDING REGULATIONS consultation at your location so if you need more space call us today for a competitive and cost effective mezzanine floor.

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Dispatch shelving for cardboard boxes

Looking for dispatch shelving for cardboard boxes? Using a shelving system does not only mean you can maximise your space in the dispatch area it also allows you to use specific shelves for dispatch locations.


Certain bays or shelf levels can be reserved for specific locations or dispatch pickups by location, customer or time slots. This can improve the accuracy of your products dispatched and make your dispatch operations faster and more cost effect.


Depending on the type, weight, budget and speed of pick rates we can supply a wide variety of shelving and pallet racking options to help you get your warehouse running to maximum efficiency. We have experience in assisting a wide range of customers from complex multi-product semi automated dispatch and picking systems though to a few bays of cost effective shelving.


So whatever you’re shelving needs we offer a full design and technical service with delivery and installation options to suit most budgets from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands pound installations.

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extending frames

Moving pallet racking

Many businesses relocate and need to moving pallet racking services, we offer a full range of services to make this simple and hassle free.


We can take a full inventory of your existing pallet racking checking quantities and condition to make sure you are not moving waste materials. We also design and draw out your new warehouse layout so you can see just what you will end up with and how it will work for you. We look at the eve and ridge heights your fork lift trucks specifications and limitations and design the most cost effective solution for your new building and storage needs. We will take down transport and rebuild so you can concentrate on making the rest of your move run smoothly.


We can supply additional racking both new and used equipment and offer lease purchase options subject to status. We can increase and reduce the height of your pallet racking and give you the best layouts for your new building using your racking. We also buy and sell used pallet racking and it can sometime be more cost effective to sell your old pallet racking and let us supply new or used on a lease or hire purchase option.
So if you want to make the most of this one off opportunity to give you the best pallet racking layouts call one of our design team today on 01765 640160.

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Drive in Pallet Racking Installation

Drive in Pallet Racking Installation

Do you have high volumes of stock and need to achieve maximum storage density in your warehouse could drive in pallet racking be the best solution?


Here at 2h Storage solutions we have installed hundreds of pallet racking projects of various types of equipment and are experienced in drive in pallet racking installations, push back and multi-tier solutions. Unlike conventional APR or adjustable pallet racking Drive in Pallet Racking is far more technical to design and install and requires both experienced designers and experienced pallet racking installation teams.


We specialise in larger and more complex pallet racking and warehouse equipment solutions including two tier picking systems and conveyor installation. We provide full CAD drawings and manage the entire process including building regulation approval if required.
If you are looking for drive in pallet racing in Yorkshire, why not give us a call and speak to one of our project managers to discuss your project.  We will advise you on the best solution for your business needs.

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