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Best pallet racking and warehouse layouts in Yorkshire

Are you looking at a new industrial unit and need a warehouse or pallet racking layout? Not sure on what the best design is? Well why not call in 2h Storage Solutions and benefit from our FREE of CHARGE site survey and design solutions. We will ensure you get the very best pallet racking and warehouse layouts in Yorkshire.


We can take care of the layout and design of the pallet racking and warehouse advise on the best type of forklift trucks and storage equipment systems to help you store a wide range of pallets and goods. We look at pick rates pallet sizes and weights and the best options and design solutions to fit even the most challenging of warehouse and production situations. We specialise in dealing with more complex and challenging projects while we can add value and save costs on even simple and small warehouse and stores layouts.


We also provide mezzanine floors, offices, barriers and everything you will need for your industrial facility from a simple plastic box to conveyors and gravity feed pallet and box storage equipment. With over ten years and four thousand successful projects we are perfectly placed to help you get your new project finished to the best standards and investment levels. We even provide rack leasing options and mezzanine leasing options allowing you to spread the costs and benefit cash flow. These options can even save you money with tax advantages.
So call today and get your warehouse and raking project in Yorkshire and the North of England off to the best start.

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pallet racking installation

Pallet racking shelving loadings and structural calculations

Do you have existing pallet racking or shelving but are unsure of the safe working loads? Or are you looking to move pallet racking and are unsure of the suitability of an existing warehouse or yard floor slab? You need to talk to 2h Storage,  unlike many other racking companies we can provide pallet racking shelving loadings and structural calculations for floor slabs, mezzanine floors or buildings where racking or shelving will be used on ground floors, first floors or above.


Bay loads, overall weight loads and point loading all require careful consideration. The first consideration is the pallet racking loadings these include the UDL per pair of beam then the bay load this is the loadings that the frames and base plates will take. Then you need to consider the overall loads being placed on the slab, floor or structure that the racking or shelving will be placed on. One of the most important and also most overlooked considerations is the point loading that will be placed on the floor where the pallet racking or shelving baseplates are located. This downward compression force can cause sinking, fractures or even collapse to the floor slab or structure below the pallet racking or shelving.


If you need any information of structural calculations relating to storage equipment pallet racking and shelving call our storage equipment design team on 01765 640 160.

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Pedestrian and fork lift truck barriers

Warehouse safety barriers and rack end safety barriers

Are you looking for warehouse safety barriers and rack end safety barriers?  Here at 2h Storage we design, supply and install a wide range of safety and rack barriers? We have a full range of simple tubular barriers, rack end arco, tube barriers and bollards through to mesh and solid partitions to separate fork lift truck and pedestrian areas. Do you need high grade high visibility fork lift barriers or barriers to protect pallet racking? We provide a full survey and design service for vehicle barriers, modular barriers, rack barriers and office protection barriers.

Pedestrian barriers keep your site and team safe and help keep areas tidy and clearly defined. Vehicle barriers help keep staff, valuable stock, machinery and equipment safe from vehicle impact. Our modular barrier range can be made and designed to fit your site and work areas keeping your staff and site safe and providing a quality and professional appearance to you facility. Our pallet racking rack end and upright protectors can help you avoid thousands of pounds of damage to racking and avoid the disruption caused by pallet racking repairs. So whatever type of warehouse barrier, pedestrian barrier, modular or vehicle barriers you need call our team here in Yorkshire on 01765 640 160.

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External Galvanized Cantilever and Pallet Racking

Do you need external galvanized pallet racking or external galvanized cantilever racking? Here at 2h Storage we offer a complete storage solution and can provide a wide range of cost effective options for external storage. Do you have large bulky long or palletized loads you need to store safely externally? We have a selection of products and solutions for external pallet, crate and long load storage.


Are you looking for standard pallet racking or cantilever racking we can design, supply, install, repair and inspect both internal and external racking of all types and manufactures? Do you need a one off bespoke solution for storing long items or large items? Give us a call at our warehouse in Yorkshire and we will visit your site carry out a free of charge site survey and advise you on the most cost effective racking options.


Whatever your product, timber, steel, or plastic we can provide vertical, horizontal and pallet racking products to give you the best use of your internal or external space. Do you need a temporary building we can advise and rack out temporary buildings providing layout drawings for pallet and cantilever racking?


So whatever type of external galvanized cantilever and Pallet Racking for outside Racking storage you need call the racking experts on 01765 640 160.

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