PSS pallet racking Yorkshire

PSS pallet racking design, supply & installation

Are you looking for PSS pallet racking design, supply & installation?  We can supply both new and used PSS planned storage systems pallet racking in Yorkshire or the North of England. We supply pallet racking from all the major manufactures and help you with all the associated pallet racking services. We offer a full pallet racking layout and design service offering a FREE of CHARGE site measure and survey with drawings available at no charge. Our business is run on repeat and referral business we do not advertise anywhere but rely on our enviable reputation for pallet racking services and competitive pricing.


We offer a full warehouse fit out service providing pallet racking, mezzanine floors, office and mesh partitioning and a wide range of associated warehouse products. Do you need practical and easy to understand and implement pallet racking safety advice? We don’t just offer warehouse pallet racking safety inspections but also run bespoke pallet racking safety courses for your staff to help them be safe and protect your warehouse equipment. We also supply and install a wide range of pallet racking protection from ballistic grade polymer upright guards to rack end barriers and pallet racking rack end load notices.


So whatever type of pallet racking you have or need call our pallet racking experts here in Yorkshire

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Used pallet racking beams yorkshire

Changing pallet racking beams and beam levels

If you are looking to alter your existing beam levels in your pallet racking or change the pallet racking beams there are a few things you need to know. Firstly and most importantly is the pallet racking you are altering safe? If you have any doubts or your pallet racking does not have a load notice attached to each individual run of pallet racking you should consult a competent pallet racking company. They will advise you on if a pallet racking safety inspection is required to check your current pallet racking system is suitable and in a safe working condition with the appropriate load notices.


Secondly and very often missed by the end user of the pallet racking is the height of the first beam level. This is the measurement from the floor to the height of the bottom of the first beam level. This measurement is used in the design and specification of the pallet racking and is critical to the loadings and application that the pallet racking can safely take.


So if you plan to increase the height to the first beam level you must consult a competent pallet racking company who will be able to advise you on how this will affect the pallet racking systems loading capabilities. If you are adding additional beams you need to know they are correct for the system you have and will take the loads you will place on them. This can be calculated using the beams depth width and section detail but again should only be done by an experienced pallet racking designer.


Never use beams without the correct safety locking pins or clips and never ever bolt pallet racking beams into position as they are designed to pop out during an impact situation to minimise risk of a total collapse. Finally be aware that falls from pallet racking or items like beams or products falling from pallet racking can kill make sure these alterations are only carried out with qualified pallet racking installers using the correct equipment and risk and method statements.


If you have any doubts about changing pallet racking beams and beam levels give our pallet racking design team a call here at our offices in Yorkshire.

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HiLo premier KS beams uprights frames bracing basepaltes new used stow finspar Symo

Link 68, Symo, HiLo KS, Provost, Finspar Pallet Racking

Looking for used Link 68, Symo, HiLo KS, Provost, Finspar pallet racking?  If you have any of these types of pallet racking it is going to be difficult to find good quality used pallet racking spares. Do you need to consider consolidating some of these older or unusual types of pallet racking? Why not let us advise you on how to use a mixture of your existing pallet racking system with either new pallet racking or a more common and popular type of used pallet racking.
We offer a wide range of both new and used pallet racking and offer a full design, deliver,  supply and installation service for just a few bays of pallet racking through to the largest high bay systems for large blue chip companies.


How do you know if your pallet racking is still safe or fit for your loadings and usage? Here at 2h storage we offer annual pallet racking safety inspections that give you a detailed report in 48 hours of the inspection being completed. We will not just leave you with a damage report we offer suggestions of pallet racking damage prevention, cost effective pallet racking repairs or even a replacement pallet racking system.


So whatever your type of pallet racking give our pallet racking design team a call here in Yorkshire just North of Leeds off the A1 on 01765 640 160.

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Adjustable Pallet Racking

Pallet racking repairs in Link 51 pallet racking

Pallet racking can easily be damaged usually with an impact from a forklift truck or the when pallets are being loaded or unloaded from the pallet racking.


The most common type of damage is to the uprights or bracing in the pallet racking frames although beams and other components like foot plates can also suffer damage. With Link 51 pallet racking it is easy to repair although these repairs should be assessed and carried out by competent pallet racking inspectors and pallet racking installation and repair engineers.


With Link 51 and some other types of pallet racking it is possible to remove the damaged upright and cut it down in length and replace the damaged section using a kit called a joint or splice kit. However these need to be carefully fitted and should only be used at certain levels so you must seek professional pallet racking design advice before these works are carried out.


The pallet racking bracing can also be replaced but there are different types of Link 51 pallet racking bracing depending on the frame width, height and duty. It is critical that all repair works use suitable pallet racking repair materials so check your installer or repair team are using the correct materials.


If you are suffering heavy damage because you have high pick rates and lots of pallet movements your pallet racking company should advise you on suitable pallet racking protection. These are usually in the form or rack end barriers, column or upright guards or corner guards. With many of these pallet racking guards being less expensive that the repairs they protect against they are a very worthwhile investment. So if you have Link 51 pallet racking or another type of pallet racking call our pallet racking design team here in Yorkshire today and get your pallet racking back to a safe standard.

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used link 51 pallet racking yorkshire

Dismantling transporting and rebuilding pallet racking

Do you require  dismantling transporting and rebuilding pallet racking at a new site?  Here at 2h Storage we have helped hundreds of companies move transport rebuild or dismantle pallet racking systems. Are you moving sites and need your existing pallet racking moving or need to increase or reduce pallet racking frames sizes or alter your pallet racking layout?
We have an experienced design team who can cut down or splice to change the height of your pallet racking frames or increase or reduce the number of pallet racking beam levels. We can dismantle your existing pallet racking carefully band up and transport your pallet racking to a new site and increase or decrease pallet racking frame heights. We can add both new and used pallet racking to your existing racking and often buy your surplus pallet racking frames and beams.


Do you need to stage your move to minimise the disruption to the warehouse or production facility? We can arrange for staged moves or install new or used pallet racking at your new site to allow instant operation over both sites. We will look at the technical specifications of your existing pallet racking and allow you to make informed decisions on the optimum design and budget.


So whatever the reason and your businesses needs let 2h Storage give you the smoothest move leaving you to concentrate on keeping the production or warehousing in order. Call our pallet racking design team today on 01765 640 160.

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Link 51 pallet racking frame bracing patterns

When installing or altering pallet racking you must consult a competent person to confirm the design and loading capabilities of the new pallet racking installation. Some minor alterations can reduce the loading capabilities of pallet racking and leave a potentially dangerous pallet racking installation.


The most common mistakes are altering the first beam level if you increase the first beam level or alter the beam pitches this can have a dramatic result on the structural capabilities of your pallet racking. The second most common mistake is taking a bay of pallet racking from a multiple bay run and using it as a standalone bay this can be particularly dangerous where the pallet racking has a single beam level. If in any doubt you must seek advice from an experienced and professional pallet racking design and installation company.


There are many things that need to be checked in pallet racking the pallet racking frame bracing pattern is critical. There are two types of pallet racking bracing in Link 51 pallet racking bracing and they look very similar. The only difference is the material thickness if you have substantial bay loadings you must check that the bracing you are replacing is the correct type. If you are taking over pallet racking or the management of pallet racking look for differing pallet racking frame bracing patterns. It is unusual that you should find horizontal pallet racking bracing anywhere but at the top or bottom of the pallet racking frames. This could potentially be very dangerous and could be a sign that two shorter pallet racking frames have been incorrectly jointed together to form a high pallet racking frame.


Gaps or different bracing are another danger sign these can sometimes be removed to allow services like sprinkler pipes or ducting to pass through the pallet racking frame. These must be rectified urgently. If you have any concerns about your current pallet racking a new pallet racking project or work carried out by a pallet racking repair or installation company call our pallet racking design team and they can advise on the best course of action to get your pallet racking safe. Or call now and book an annual pallet racking safety inspection.

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