carousel and lift storage systems Yorkshire

Pallet racking carousel storage and lift machines

Pallet racking carousel storage machines and lift storage machines in Yorkshire

Are you looking for pallet racking carousel storage and lift machines to maximise storage capacity and pick rates

If you have a large number of components for manufacture or dispatch you will benefit from a mechanical storage system. The two main types of motorised storage systems are carousels and lifts which both present pre-loaded trays to a bench height picking face from which individual items or kits of items for assembly or dispatch can be picked. These motorised picking systems are usually used in conjunction with pallet racking or shelving systems as part of an integrated stock movement process in the modern warehouse facility.

Items stock and pallets come into the warehouse and are usually loaded into pallet racking or shelving systems then stock control systems will provide pick lists for the restocking of the carousel or lift storage systems. Then the stock control can provide picking lists for assembly or dispatch batched or kits ready for packing and dispatch.

If you need any advice on pallet racking, shelving, carousel or lift storage systems call our design team in Yorkshire on 01765 640 160.

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Pallet racking Stockton

Pallet racking safety experts

Pallet racking safety advice is essential to warehouse managers and those who manage and work in warehouse, distribution, production and manufacturing facilities that use or are buying and designing warehouse pallet racking.
Here at 2h Storage we are pallet racking safety experts and we can save you time and money while helping protect your team, products and pallet racking through warehouse racking safety inspections, pallet racking protection, and team pallet racking safety advice and training.


  • We offer bespoke FREE initial advice on the Health and safety requirements and provide:
  • Warehouse pallet racking safety inspections
  • Rack safety training programmes and courses
  • Rack protection, rack end barriers, upright guards, pedestrian barriers
  • Anti collapse mesh and netting, mesh protected pedestrian walkways
  • Safety focused warehouse pallet racking designs and layouts


Safe repair and installation teams with risk and method statements for pallet racking repairs and installations
If you need pallet racking safety advice from our pallet racking safety team in Yorkshire call 01765 640 160.

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mezzanine floor suppliers yorkshire

Mezzanine floor suppliers Yorkshire

Are you looking for Mezzanine floor suppliers Yorkshire? If you are short of space a mezzanine floor is often the most cost effective solution in comparison with moving or extending your building.

Here at 2h storage we are one of the Norths leading suppliers of mezzanine floors these are usually designed and specified as a mezzanine floor storage area, mezzanine floor production area, or mezzanine floor office.

We take care of the entire design and build of mezzanine floor installations preparing full CAD drawings, liaising with building control then manufacturing the floor in component form for erection and installation on site. Our site team will then assemble, erect and build your new mezzanine floor on site.

We can also take care of any fitting out or partition works or associated products like pallet gates, conveyors, shelving or storage boxes.

If you are looking for a reliable contractor who is a member of the safe contractors scheme to supply your mezzanine floor please call our design team on 01765 640 160.

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warehouse pallet racking design

Bob Blakeley warehouse pallet racking hero!

Rarely do we see such raw talent in any area of life but coming from the warehousing and storage sector it’s fantastic!

It’s not every Saturday night on live prime time TV that you get a glimpse inside a working warehouse seeing pallet racking at its finest. Here at 2h Storage the whole team were very impressed with Bobs excellent performance and excited to see his performance again on Youtube.

We hope that Bob Blakeley will go from strength to strength and hopefully use his new born fame to highlight the hard work and importance of warehousing and stock distribution in modern Britain.

It’s a big well done to Bob Blakeley warehouse pallet racking hero from all the team here at 2h Storage for your entire pallet racking requirements give us a call.

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Drive in 2h Storage pallet racking spares

Pallet racking spares and parts in Yorkshire

With the recent demise of Redirack some maintenance and facility managers will be concerned about the availability of pallet racking spares and parts in Yorkshire.  Finding good quality used pallet racking components can be a challenge here at 2h Storage we have a large stock of used pallet racking components so can provide spare pallet racking parts for all the major manufactures systems.


However for those rarer parts particularly items like drive in pallet racking spares it can be very difficult and time consuming to locate the appropriate parts. With some older systems like HiLo KS or Link 68 it can be very difficult to obtain ever more standard parts like 2700mm clear entry 2T beams.


So sometime it is inevitable that the most cost effective solution is to dismantle and strip down a rack and hold the components for spares and replace that rack with a new pallet racking system. It can sometimes be the case that the whole system is condemned due to high levels of damage or more usually high levels of corrosion. High levels of corrosion in pallet racking make it impossible for the pallet racking safety inspector to sign off and confirm the loadings that can safely be stored on the pallet racking.
If you are looking for USED PALLET RACKING or PALLET RACKING SPARES or would simply like some FREE no OBLIGATION advice give our design team a call on 01937 585 057.

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anti collapse nylon mesh for pallet racking

Pallet racking safety netting and anti collapse mesh

Those who work in the warehouse industry are aware of the dangers of falling pallets or items falling from stored pallets. This is why all single racks that are not protected by being positioned against a wall must be fitted with pallet racking safety netting and anti collapse mesh The purpose of this mesh is purely to project those working or passing below from being struck by a falling object in the form of a pallet or stock.
There are two main types of pallet racking anti collapse mesh the first is in made to measure steel mesh pallets fitted with stand off brackets that is bolted to the rear of the pallet racking. The second type is a nylon mesh that is fitted in larger panels with a wire rope and stand off brackets.
The reason for the stand off brackets is to allow for pallet overhang or stock overhang if the mesh is fitted directly to the pallet racking beams it will be used as a back stop by those loading the pallets into the pallet positions on the pallet racking. This simply increases the danger as you may now be faced with not only falling pallets and stock but with falling mesh panels. This is why the standoff brackets are used it is also a reason why some warehouse managers prefer the nylon mesh. Here at 2h Storage we have years of experience in providing the most cost effective and safe solutions for pallet racking so call our design team on 01765 640 160.

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SEMA Rack Safety Inspections

Looking for SEMA Rack Safety Inspections? SEMA is the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association which set the guidelines for what degree of damage is acceptable in warehouse pallet racking and other associated products. Here at 2h Storage we carefully follow their safety guidelines when carrying out or warehouse safety rack inspections. Our team of trained pallet racking safety inspectors can carry out your annual pallet racing safety inspection making sure that you keep your team and working environment safe as well as keeping on the right side of health and safety guidelines and legislation. Our inspectors carry our warehouse racking safety inspections throughout the UK with the majority in the North of England in major cities such as Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Middlesborough, Sunderland, and Newcastle and regions such as across Yorkshire and Teesside.
If you need a warehouse pallet racking safety inspection call our expert team here at 2h Storage on 01765 640 160.

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pallet racking site survey for new industrial building

Pallet racking installers for main building contractors

Pallet racking installers for main building contractors working under JCTs

With new warehouses it is usually the case that the developer or end user will specify the type and layout of the warehouse pallet racking and then the C.A. or contract administrator usually the Q.S. or quantity surveyor will place this package out to tender. The C.A. will then run the tender process by looking for suitable companies like 2h Storage to tender for the storage equipment package that with the other packages makes up the main contract. This is usually done using a JCT building contract with the pallet racking forming part of the storage equipment package within the main contract.


Depending on the size and complexity of the storage equipment design this will usually have some bearing on the number of pallet racking suppliers and installers who are asked to submit a tender for the pallet racking installation package. The C.A. will usually put the tender out to three to five reputable pallet racking providers who either he or the client has worked with previously or have expertise and experience in the particular type or design of pallet racking.
If you are a property professional or end user we have great experience at providing competitive tenders for pallet racking and storage equipment packages and contracts. For further information or advice CALL our design and estimating department on 01765 640 160.

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Two tier or mezzanine floor installation

Hand picking levels for pallet racking

Hand picking levels for pallet racking. Depending of the type of business, stock and picking levels it is often the case that pallet racking will be used as shelving for handpicked stock below 2 mtrs with upper beam levels holding pallets of boxes to replenish the handpicked stock. The obvious issue is the safe operation of pickers and forklift trucks the most sensible way of managing this is to only allow the fork lift trucks in at designated times when the pickers must clear this area. So it can be the case that the beams at the lower handpicked levels could be as rare at 2700mm clear entry with only 400kg UDL per pair of beams. These will usually be decked in timber, or chipboard decks whereas the beams carrying the pallets at a higher level will be 2700mm with a UDL of 2T per pair of beams.


Other popular options are to have aisles and racks for storing pallets with hand loaded shelving usually Longspan for the pickers to retrieve their orders from. Sometimes to take maximum advantage of the height available in the warehouse a two tier self supported mezzanine shelving system is used. This has the obvious advantage of give you double the linear meter age of shelving to pick from and hold stock or product.

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Warehouse clearance and decommissioning

You may be moving to larger premises or consolidating into a single premises or even changing the use of a warehouse and need help with the warehouse clearance and decommissioning. Here at 2h Storage we have helped many companies and individuals to clear unwanted warehouse racking. We offer a safe one stop solution for the dismantling, decommissioning, sale and transportation of your surplus pallet racking. Our safe contractor status gives you peace of mind that your pallet racking will be safety and correctly removed and disposed of. We can offer you the best price for your used pallet racking as we have a large data base of end users. So we can buy your racking and take care of its safe removal and provide you with prompt payment and leave your warehouse clear for its new use.


We can even buy and dispose of surplus stock and equipment leaving you with a clean and clear warehouse. This can save you from dilapidation charges and fund new pallet racking. We can take down transport and re build your existing racking at a new site.


For further information call the decommissioning team here at 2h Storage on 01765 640 160 TODAY

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