HiLo premier KS beams uprights frames bracing basepaltes new used

New and used HiLo premier and HiLo KS

New and used HiLo premier and HiLo KS warehouse pallet racking components spares repairs and installations

HiLo premier is still a popular type of warehouse pallet racking throughout Yorkshire and the UK although the older HiLo KS warehouse pallet racking is more difficult and costly to buy components and spare parts for. Here at 2h Storage we regularly source and deliver both new and used HiLo pallet racking frames, beams, bracing, baseplates and uprights. Our team of warehouse pallet racking safety inspectors carry out annual pallet racking safety inspections and identify damaged HiLo racking as well as Dexion, Link51, Apex and RediRack. We will then find both new and used parts often providing these parts at discounted rates. We can arrange for a full repair and installation service with our safe contractor status and all the necessary certification we are the first choice for many in the warehousing, logistics and distribution industry.

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used link 51 warehouse pallet racking frames and beams supplied and installed

Used Link 51 and Dexion warehouse pallet racking

Used Link 51 and Dexion warehouse pallet racking installations designed supplied and installed nationwide



Here at 2h Storage we have a long and unblemished history of helping our clients to achieve their storage needs in the most suitable and cost effective way. We provide new, used and reconditioned pallet racking and combinations of all three to make sure that customers get the best value new and used warehouse pallet racking.


We have a wide ranging and enviable client list from supplying small hand loaded shelving to small firms through to designing and building of industrial mezzanine floors and 10,000 plus pallet position warehouse pallet racking installations to multiple sites for major blue chip companies.


We are the first call for many facility managers, warehouse managers, and production managers but we also work with Managing Directors of smaller firms and Health and Safety coordinators and consultants. We work with the Health and Safety managers to look at their warehouse pallet racking safety inspections, and warehouse racking safety recommendations. Providing items like Load Notices, bollards, pedestrian barriers, and anti-collapse mesh.

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2h Storage warehouse racking inspections

Warehouse pallet racking safety inspections Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire

Here at 2h Storage we have customers nationwide and with an increasing number of customers asking us to help them in the south of England in and around London and areas like Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire. We are providing more and more warehouse pallet racking safety inspections and advice to these areas using our highly skilled warehouse pallet racking team to inspect and provide items like rack end safety load notices. These rack end safety load notices are a legal requirement and inform on the safe working load of the warehouse pallet racking. This allows the forklift truck drivers to know what weights of pallets can be safety loaded on to the warehouse pallet racking. We can also advise on new warehouse racking layouts and designs and provide drawings and specifications. Or we can look to reduce warehouse pallet racking damage by advising on the best type and positions of upright protectors, rack end barriers and bollards.

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mobile warehouse racking installers

Mobile warehouse pallet racking

For those who have limited space or have to store in chillers or cold stores mobile warehouse pallet racking can be a worthwhile investment.
The various systems on the market are usually made up from conventional warehouse APR pallet racking components or are of a similar design mounted on bases. These bases are then driven with a series of electrical motors allowing for one ample aisle and saving up to eight percent warehouse space. If you consider the running costs of cold storage this can provide a positive payback in a limited time.
Here at 2h Storage we have work with a wide range of clients in various industries and look after their requirements for all types of racking from APR adjustable pallet racking through to mobile racking, drive in pallet racking, pallet live and pushback racking.

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Push Back warehouse pallet racking installation

Warehouse pallet racking design layouts Yorkshire

Logistics and warehouse providers understand the need for clever design and warehouse layouts to maximise their return on investment from distribution or storage contracts. This is why many in the industry choose 2h Storage over conventional pallet racking distributors who are tied to distributing a single manufactures product. The issue arises if the costs or design options of that manufactures products are not best suited to the warehouses needs and budget. You benefit because of our unrivalled track record in supplying the most innovative warehouse layout designs using the most cost effective equipment. Having recently provided a push back cart system with in a Link 51 pallet racking installation we have again provided our customer with a cutting edge but proven solution which saves costs compared with equivalent warehouse pallet racking designs.

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mezzanine floor installation in Yorkshire

Mezzanine floors building regulations

Mezzanine floors require building regulations approval and are covered by a number of the different parts of the UK building regulations. For instance mezzanine floors building regulations fall under part “A” of the UK building regulations covering structural issues and they will require the calculations of a structural engineer to satisfy the building inspector of the mezzanine floors structural integrity. You will also need to consider part “B” fire safety so there may be the need for additional call points and the consideration of travel distances. With part “K” covering staircases also often playing a critical role in the designs of mezzanine floors. If you are having areas above or below the mezzanine fitted out as office mezzanines or for production or storage you will fall under additional regulations are additional items and measures may be required to meet the mezzanine floor building regulations.


The key is to provide a suitable design that negates the needs for unnecessary and costly additions to the mezzanine floor design while still meeting the required regulations and keeping your team and visitors safe.


Here at 2h Storage unlike many of our competitors we look after this aspect of the build on your behalf saving the need for additional and costly professional fees.

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Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floor Alterations

Needs Mezzanine Floor Alterations? Mezzanine floors are a popular and effective addition to most industrial buildings and offer ideal accommodation for office mezzanines, production mezzanines and storage mezzanines.

Businesses often need to alter or extend mezzanine floors as production or the number of staff increases. Here at 2h Storage we can help you by drawing on our years of experience of designing mezzanine floors. We can provide a new mezzanine from scratch taking care of all the aspects of the mezzanine project from design, building regulations through to office fit outs. Or perhaps you need to alter or extend an existing mezzanine? We have many satisfied customers and you can see examples of our existing floors in a working environment. We have dismantled and re-erected existing mezzanine floors in existing buildings or moved them between sites.
So for a complete solution to all your mezzanine and storage equipment projects give the team here at 2h Storage a call today on 01765 640 160

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