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Work benches mobile work benches and mobile tool trolley

Many businesses in the engineering industry require work benches with some needing the option for these to be mobile work benches or tool trolleys. Maintenance trolleys have become increasingly popular in recent years as they allow maintenance teams to react and solve machine break downs faster and more efficiently.


There is a huge range of options, specifications and quality, it is not practical to give welders in heavy engineering the highest quality benches with high weight rated sliding draws. So they may be best served with a more simple heavy duty bench.


This would not be practical for those working on high tech engineering projects like those undertaken in the gas, oil and chemical industry. With such a wide range of under bench draw sizes, under bench cabinet sizes and specifications for weight loadings you may need some expert advice on selecting the best bench or combination of benches and trolleys for your facility.


Here at 2h Storage we have supplied benches, COSH cabinets, mobile work benches and tool trolleys to a wide range of companies. So you will benefit from our experience, knowledge and will have complete certainty you will get the best work bench products at the most competitive prices.

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Tips and advice for buying used pallet racking

When buying used pallet racking there are a few tips that will help you get the cheapest used pallet racking of the best quality for your warehouse racks.
First take some time to consider pallet racking frame depths, the most common and popular frame depths are 900mm and 1100mm warehouse rack frames. Therefore these are the two most common frame sizes available on the used market.
Make sure you consider what types and sizes of pallets you will need to store, also different sized pallets can be stored in different orientations. An experienced used pallet racking supplier will be able to discuss your pallets and pick rates to make sure you get the best system. However a word of warning don’t let unscrupulous used pallet racking suppliers change the way you store your pallets to sell you a system that is not the best for you. 1100mm racking frames will allow more flexibility for the type of pallets you can store so if you have differing sizes of pallets 1100mm racking frames are likely to be the best option.
The next item is the pallet racking beams, the most popular size and the most commonly used pallet racking beams are 2700mm clear entry (this is the measurement between the upright in the bay when the system is assembled). 3000mm clear entry pallet racking beams are also readily available however the longer the beams it is more difficult to achieve higher weight loadings.
The most common weight ratings for a pair of used pallet racking beams is 2T also referred to as the UDL, but if you are designing the system yourself or adding to an existing warehouse racking system be careful that you do not over load the uprights and frames. Unless you are experienced in designing pallet warehouse racking installations it is best left to the professionals. Novice designers often over look details that are critical, like base plate load ratings and the first beam level. High first beam levels or existing standard base plates may not be able to cope with increased or altered loading or may have less stability. Even adding beam levels or increasing beam loadings can lead to a used pallet racking system being over loaded. In some instances even experienced pallet racking designers will need to check with the manufactures technical department certain design criteria.
The main types of used pallet racking are LINK 51, Dexion, HiLo, Apex, RediRack, etc but there are less popular used systems. These systems can be harder to find spare parts for or these spare parts may only be available new at higher costs. These systems are usually from European manufactures of warehouse racking.
If you would like more advice simply give one of our team here at 2h Storage a call, we would be happy to offer you some free advice or carry out a free site survey.

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Production products equipment design and storage layouts

When a new production facility or project is being planned there are always lots of items that require careful thought and attention. One that is often over looked is the storage equipment, this might seem like a last minute addition but could cost you tens of thousands of pounds in lost time alone.

Here at 2h storage we pride ourselves on offering a one stop solution, we can provide mezzanine floors for work, packaging, storage and production areas. We can give design and advice on the best type of shelving or warehouse racking to optimise your pick rates, storage volumes and efficiency. We provide a full range of associated products from complex conveyors systems through to simple plastic bins and boxes.

The advantage of using one key project co-ordinator is that small items like plastic boxes will be sourced to best suit the systems and procedures for your production project. You might need 3000 plastic bins but will they run correctly on your new conveyor? Will they stack or nest when not in use? You benefit because we solve these issues for our impressive and enviable client list every day.

Do you want to work with a professional company that has access to the best products at discounted rates? Take advantage of our volume buying power when you plan your new production project. We can advise and supply used equipment when suitable potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

If you need the best value engineering techniques and wish to impress your colleagues call 2h Storage today for a FREE consultation on 01765 640 160

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Bulk bag storage on warehouse racks

Bulk bag storage on warehouse racks from 2h Storage Solutions.


Storing bulk bags takes up a considerable amount of warehouse space when block stored at ground level. So the obvious solution is vertical cube utilisation or in layman’s terms stacking on top of one another. With bulk bags stacking can be dangerous and unpractical so pallet or warehouse racks offer the most sensible option for storing bulk bags.


When storing bulk bags the loads can sometime be unstable with pallet overhang being an issue so it is important that the pallet racking is carefully designed.


If the bays are designed with a minimum of pallet and load clearances to maximise density it can actually have the opposite effect. As badly loaded bulk bags and pallets are too tight to be safely loaded into tight bays. This then creates random block stacking in aisles which slows down the warehouse operation and makes the safety worse than when the bulk bags were simply block stacked.


Why not call 2h Storage today and ask for a FREE site SURVEY by an experienced pallet RACKING designer on 01765 640 160.

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Timber and mesh decks for warehouse racking

Timber and mesh decks for warehouse racking – 2h Storage Solutions.

There are a number of options for decking warehouse or pallet racking, the four main materials used for pallet racking decks are metal in the form of galvanized sheet or mesh and timber and chipboard decks.
Starting with the simplest chipboard decks come in different thickness to cope with different loading and can be used with stepped beams or with pallet support bars depending on the application and type of warehouse racking.
With timber decks they tend to be quite standardised with the two main options being closed or open boards. This essentially means the deck panels are constructed with either the laths butted up together or left with gaps between again depending on loadings and application.
With metal decks there are differing options you can chose between stepped beams for a flush finish of have the decks sit on top both options use pallet support bars. Or you can choose waterfall decks where the deck is folded so it flows over the beams hence the term waterfall. The most popular type of mesh decks are waterfall decks.
If you have a requirement for these pallet racking decks give our team a call we would be happy to discuss the best options for you requirements.

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Dexion warehouse racking frames beams and open timber decks west yorkshire

Warehouse pallet racking for temporary buildings

Warehouse pallet racking for temporary buildings.

With an ever changing demand for storage many companies are now choosing to use temporary buildings either while new buildings or extensions are being constructed or to cope with spikes in storage needs. Here at 2h Storage we have experience of providing cost effective temporary storage solutions for temporary buildings.

We can offer racking hire or provide new pallet racking to be extended in height once a new facility has been constructed. We can provide cost effective new and used pallet racking options with buy back options or holding options.

So whatever your temporary storage needs maybe you can be rest assured that we have a cost effective solution for your temporary storage requirements.

For FREE ADVICE and a SITE VISIT contact one of our design team TODAY on 01937 585 057.

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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking and metal bar storage racks

Metal bar storage racks

Metal bar is usually stored on cantilever racking either single or double sided cantilever racking, this provides a flexible storage solution. The arms can be fitted with stop ends to prevent round bar from rolling back off the arms of the racks.

It is usually loaded by fork lift truck or hand loaded but is not really suitable to be loaded by overhead crane as other items stored on the racks do not allow free access. Here at 2h storage we offer a choice of systems and can provide sliding shelves for cantilever racks. This allows engineering firms and steel stock holders to quarantine items and batches of stocks of heavy bar or tube.

For example the sliding shelves can be loaded for individual jobs or deliveries, this negates the need to lay out bar and tube at ground level consuming large areas of stores or workshop and creating a tripping and forklift hazard.

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Used Link 51 Beams Dexion beams HiLo beams

Used Link 51 pallet racking beams

Used Dexion and Link 51 pallet racking beams
Often warehouse owners and managers have a need for additional used pallet racking beams either to add additional storage levels or replace damaged pallet racking beams. This damage might have been reported or simply picked up as part on the company’s annual pallet racking inspection under Health and safety guidelines. Whatever the reason is there is a need for used pallet racking beams here at 2h Storage we can provide a wide range of both used and new pallet racking beams, frames and other components. Why not visit our used racking offers section to see a selection of some of the items we have up for sale at discounted prices.

We sell used Dexion beams 2700mm and both 900mm and 1100mm frames, used Dexion Silverline beams, used Link 51 pallet racking beams and frames. We have chipboard and mesh decks for sale new and used.

So call today with your requirements for used or new pallet racking and associated warehouse supplies!

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A Safer double rail rack end barrier

Pallet racking corner protection

Pallet racking corner protection
Do you find that your pallet racking uprights are suffering damage?
Here at 2h Storage we have a wide range of pallet racking protectors, including upright protectors, pallet racking corner protectors and end barriers.
Pallet racking repairs can be expensive and some parts hard to find so pallet racking protection systems offer a good investment. We offer a wide range of products from tubular rack end barriers through to individual polymer pallet racking upright protection guards. Or you could protect your racking corners with double rail end barriers or bollards. We carry a wide range of stock that includes :
Floor Mounted Column Guards (FMCG)
Ballistic grade polymer protectors
Polyethylene column guards
So call 2h Storage today and save money on expensive pallet racking repairs with our wide range of racking and racking corner protection.

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