Drive In Racking Hartlepool

Drive In pallet racking Hartlepool

A recent review of one of our Hartlepool based customers storage requirements helped establish the need for increased storage capacity. For this Hartlepool based company consideration was given to the type of product stored as well as the type of pallet racking system required. Working in partnership with an independent distributor allowed for selection of the most suitable pallet racking storage system based solely on the companies requirements.

Detailed site surveys were undertaken including a floor level mapping exercise and the pre installation of a test lane ensure maximum storage levels were achieved safely. Drive In pallet racking is an ideal way to increase your number of pallets stored. Drive In pallet racking stores the pallets on a first in last out basis, which doesn’t work for all products but when utilised can increase storage capacities by 60%.

When Drive In pallet racking can not be used it is possible that Drive Through pallet racking may provide a more suitable pallet racking solution.

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Pallet Racking Sustainability

Sustainability: pallet racking training, pallet racking protection

Here at 2h Storage Solutions we offer improved pallet racking sustainability with pallet racking training, protection and inspections
Many companies are looking to increase their sustainability to drive down both emissions and costs while giving their staff and customers a positive message about the companies ethics and green credentials. So how can you make pallet racking greener? There are several ways you can make your pallet racking greener. The first is through good design, this will minimise the movement of products and decrease energy use as well as saving costs. So design is very important, the second is damage to pallet racking many think of this as one of the irresolvable issues of running a busy stores or warehouse. This is not the case, here at 2h storage Solutions we have identified three key ways to reduce waste and costs associated with pallet racking repairs. The first is rack inspections these do not just simply tell you where the damage has occurred within the pallet racking system it also highlights the frequency and potential source of the pallet racking damage. Acting on the information provided in the pallet racking inspection report is the key to avoiding repeat damage patterns in the future. Once the damage has been identified pallet racking repairs must be completed inline with the report recommendations. To prevent future damage it is best to consider rack protection to reduce the need for costly repairs that use further materials and resources having a negative impact on the companies pallet racking sustainability. The third is staff training we soon realised from our customers that staff training was a critical part of reducing pallet racking damage. The challenge was that each business has its own unique pallet racking layouts, pallet racking types and warehouse and business processes. So we have developed a selection of staff pallet racking training courses that are then tailored to suit each businesses unique requirement. Courses range from pallet racking safety awareness to pallet racking damage inspection training.
Combining all 3 elements will help ensure a safer working environment and improve the sustainability of your pallet racking storage system.

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Warehouse racks galv

Galvanised Pallet Racking

Different industries and companies require different types of pallet racking and galvanized finish is often popular with the chemical, engineering and food and drink industries. The different types of pallet racking include, APR (adjustable pallet racking) drive in where the truck drives into the rack to place multiple pallets one in front of the other. There are also more advanced types of pallet racking like push back where the pallets slide on rollers or pallet carts as well as pallet live and automated systems.

There are also many different pallet racking manufactures some of the most popular in the UK are Dexion, Link 51, Apex and many other types often imported from Europe. Although to the untrained eye it all looks very similar all pallet racking is designed to take the unique loadings and pallet size that are required to be stored. One issue for those involved with pallet racking is that even small differences to base plate and uprights can make a large difference to the loadings that the racking can hold. This is why it is so important to make sure your pallet racking is fitted with the correct pallet racking load notices and you have an annual pallet racking inspection undertaken.

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